Help and resources for History GCSE success at Priory School

Use the links to download some excellent PowerPoints to support your revision for the Britain topic.

Britain – Opportunities and Challenges

Britain – Social Changes

Britain – Economy


USA Revision PowerPoint

Year 11- your next PPE exam (and final one) is in March and will be on the Development of the USA.

This revision PowerPoint will support your preparation for the ‘society and culture’ part of the exam.

1937 Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg, Germany.


Great little videos about how your brain works when you try to revise and why you sometimes can’t get the motivation to get on with it. The second video explains how you can use this knowledge to get more revision done.

Just remember the HUGE three month holiday coming after your last exam and GET REVISING NOW!

The BBC bitesize site now has a whole section devoted to our GCSE (the WJEC board). It covers all three exams with helpful revision pages. Check it out!

BBC History Bitesize WJEC